Hi. I'm Katie Gray.

Thanks for taking the time to come explore this creative and exciting new endeavor, Body Love. 

While much of my life has been an outward chorus of song and self expression, a very important aspect of my path on this planet, is the act of presence, awareness and the healing art of honoring the body.  

It has taken me years to prioritize my own health and wellbeing, as well as recognize the overwhelming freedom and benefit of loving my sentient body.

I find that the healthier and more present I become, the more time and freedom I have to access creative ideas. The more creative ideas, the more beautiful and artistic expression I want to bring into shape, form and existence.

Do you feel beautiful? It's ok if you don't.. and it's ok if you do. The art of understanding beauty is confusing in our World today. It's important that we allow beauty to be a part of our lives, without getting lost in the exterior story and the ego. I feel that it is ok and healthy to surround ourselves with beautiful smells, beautiful colors, beautiful smiles and beautiful things that bring a feeling of joy and happiness. It's ok to feel good. It's ok to feel AMAZING.

I hope that by allowing myself to open up to this creative freedom, I may offer these gifts to you and perhaps you too will feel the magic, beauty and happiness.